Proud Ventures

Reimagining Identity: Proud Ventures' Bold New Look

Proud Ventures branding project
Proud Ventures branding project
Proud Ventures branding project

A Fresh Identity for a Vibrant Future

In an inspiring collaboration, Particular Creatives teamed up with Proud Ventures to craft a fresh, modern identity that resonates with the LGBTQI+ VC community. Understanding the critical importance of standing out in the vibrant VC landscape, we embarked on a journey to develop a minimalist yet striking design ethos, centered around a vivid color palette. Our mission was clear: to create an identity that not only captivates investors and startup founders but also proudly showcases Proud Ventures' dedication to fostering diversity and innovation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

A New Chapter in Visual Storytelling

The culmination of our project is not just a new logo or color scheme but a redefinition of Proud Ventures' brand persona. Through the innovative use of Adam Naccarato's Queering typeface and a modernized wordmark, we've established a distinctive, easily recognizable logo that embodies the spirit of inclusivity and progress. Our creative direction goes beyond aesthetics, aiming to redefine the narrative around LGBTQI+ investors and highlight the value of diversity in driving innovation. As Proud Ventures embarks on this exciting new chapter, we stand back with pride, eager to witness the impact of our collaborative vision on the world of finance and beyond.